Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grant on its way

I haven't had much to post lately. We are really enjoying our time in Cairns, and being here at this marina has been SO GOOD! It feels like we are living in a neighbourhood.
We are currently keeping our eye on a cyclone (Grant) that made land fall around Darwin. It is expected to keep formed as a low pressure and head into the gulf of Carpentaria. Where it is expected to form again into a cyclone then cross into the Coral Sea just north of us. We are at the moment just keeping an eye on it as so far it isn't a big one.
On another note we went to the shops today to start our research into a camera. Our underwater one has been good, but is no longer keeping a seal or a charge. It has been used for 3 years and used a lot, so I am impressed. I was wondering if any of the followers/readers out there have any suggestions on cameras they are using? We are in the research stage at the moment.
Until next time......

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