Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Well the start of 2012

We had a quiet start to 2012, in fact we were asleep as the new year rang in. Although I did wake to some boom boom noises as the fireworks exploded ringing in the new year!
I've been busy the last few days cleaning the boat from the inside. We found a new product that kills mould spores and it is not chlorine based and is NATURAL! So I've been taking things out of closets, cupboards ect and cleaning all the surfaces. I am also down sizing as things come out, so that FEELS SO good! I finished the starboard side yesterday.
Bruce has been busy working on web development and working out some bugs, which has taken a lot of time and concentration, but in the end he was again successful!
As we are taking off in a few months to some very isolated places we thought it was time to have some medical check ups. We both went into the doctors today, and have some tests and follow ups later this week.
Now I don't want to jinx us, but looking at  the weather the last few days, and I see some glass out conditions coming up! Just maybe we'll get some reef time in at the beginning of the week. We will have to be back by next Wednesday as I am starting a Dru yoga class at Yorkies Knob Community Centre on Thursday morning. The first class in a 11/12 week term!
Now that the holidays are behind us we can start to get the ball rolling on a few things on our to do list which involves people other then ourselves.
Well thats all for now.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention we bought NEW CAMERAS for our Christmas/Chanakah pressies! We bought a Nikon coolpix for our underwater shots, and just out and about in my handbag, and a sony digital slr camera with a nice lense that Bruce has been playing with. I think he is getting into this camera, and shhhhh may be getting into taking photos with it. This will be good to see and I will post some soon. This sony is going to be a good one for the Kimberlies this year! We have been playing with the Nikon today as we did our errands as it has a gps inside and it actually made a track of our travels. That could be handy as we track through the bush up North. hahaha

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