Thursday, January 19, 2012

While in port

Well, we've kind of settled into a bit of a routine here in port. What a lovely marina this is! I'm in my 2nd week of teaching and sharing my passion, Dru yoga. Today I had two classes one at 6 am followed by one at 9:30. I have to admit I'm tired, but it is a good kind of tired! I had one of those sleeps that was disrupted by dreams of over sleeping when you know you have something important to attend! I'll sleep good tonight for sure! We have been blessed with unusually dry weather, and I have been enjoying a daily walk. I say unusually dry, but we are still having rain. I got caught in a rain shower yesterday during my walk came back soaking wet. At the present it seems to be raining in the evening and early morning then the sun comes out and dries everything up making it very humid!

  Bruce has started on some of the things on his long list. Organising work to be done, haul out schedule, mechanics, parts ordered, ect. I've been attending to the inside of the cabins and continue to work on down sizing cleaning and reorganising. I am nearly finished with this job though. I've even sewn new curtains for all the windows!

 One day soon we will have a ride around and take some photos of this beautiful part of the country, so stayed tuned!

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