Saturday, December 3, 2011

On the road again.

Just can't wait to get on the road again. (A Willie Nelson song.) We flew out of Cairns way too early this morning! I booked the tickets online how was I to know it was an international flight and you had to be there 3 hours before departure? We got to the airport 1 1/2 hours before departure enough time to get our bags checked in. We cut it close as we thought the international was the first building and parked the car. It wasn't until we were inside that we were directed to international which is the next building. It wasn't like next door it was like a huge hike to get there, which made us there just in time. At least we didn't have to wait forever in the airport. The rest of the flight went well, and were so glad we didn't have to cue up for customs, and immigration. We got to jump the cue since we weren't travelling internationally.
We are in a sports car which I took a photo of but wasn't a good one. I will take one tomorrow and post it.
Anyway we are now in Forbes, NSW. We flew into Sydney today and drove out here about a 6 hour drive. We stopped for a late lunch in Katumba in the Blue Mountains. Too bad we don't have more time to explore this area so much to see. One day we will come back and do that! There was an old restaurant dating to the early 1920s named Paragon. We thought we would have lunch there. We put our order in and waited and waited until we had to ask about our meal, turns out she forgot to put the order in. We said don't worry we don't have time and left. We ended up in a cafe and had a really delicious lunch!

 The old ballroom of the Paragon.

 An old phonograph.
Us having another good meal. We are now in Forbes, NSW.
We will be leaving here tomorrow to head SE towards Nowra to see Uncle Bob. That's all for now.

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