Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mossman River

We took a day trip up to Port Douglas with our friends Rozzie & Wayne. After a couple of hours stop over, UNPLANNED in Port Douglas. Well the stop was planned but the dead car battery wasn't. It took RACQ ( like AAA in the states) to come check out our battery. But being cool chilled out people who have learned to go with the flow it was all good. We shopped for our picnic lunch, had a coffee (iced), and I even did a little Christmas shopping. After we got the car going again we met Rick & Alex up near the highway and headed North for the Mossman River. Rick & Alex leave for NSW for an extended stay, so we all wanted to spend sometime with them before they leave tomorrow. Bruce & I plan to see them in a few months the next time we head down to visit Uncle Bob.

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