Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas decorations

Well we're back on the boat and right into our list. Bruce had to work on our shower floor. I knew that was going to be the first job, so before we left I gave it a big scrub and dry it completely. Of course a simple job usually turns into something more, especially if your like us and want to do it right. Bruce did an excellent job, and we should have our shower back tomorrow. I went to put up the christmas tree to find that 2 of the legs were missing. The tree had been stored in the forward lockers under the bunk in the bow. Last time I was in there, before we left, I thought I'll take the tree out now, and put it where I can get at it easily. Well I had to remove everything in that forward compartment before I could find the missing legs, but I did find them. Soaking wet with sweat after completing the mission, and that is with air con in the boat. Even with the ac running in the middle of the day it was 28 degrees in here. We are thinking of getting a boom tent made, but maybe we won't need it once the wet hits.


Craig and Kerry said...

Your decorations put us to shame! We've not even started - perhaps you should come over and help us decorate! Merry Christmas to you both. Craig, Kerry, Stephen and Lachlan from SCARLETT

saundra said...

I LOVE to decorate! If we leave now we should be there by next Christmas. HAHAHAHA
A very Merry Christmas to you all!!