Wednesday, October 5, 2011


A busy day in Cooktown, but I'm glad it was! We decided to get done what we needed to do today, refuel, water, bottle shop, groceries, pharmacy. The funny thing is the bottle shop couldn't sell us the port we wanted to buy because it is a fortified wine, and they are not allowed to sell cask wine or fortified wine before 6 p.m. They could sell us any bottle of spirits, or beer. Go figure the logic on that one.  With that in mind we finished all other chores and decided to take a walk for an hour or so to bring us to the 6pm selling time. It is a good time of the day to walk. We walked to the top of Grassy Hill to the lookout/lighthouse. It was a good walk that got your heart pumping. A primer for us to getting us ready for the Cooks look walk at Lizard Island!
Anyway Looking at the weather situation and the reefs we want to visit we need to leave here tomorrow. It is about a 10 hour run to ribbon reef 9 doing 5 kts, which would get us there to late. It is good to get to the reef before 3 p.m. We thought we would move on tomorrow as there will be wind enough to sail to Cape Flattery. From Cape Flattery we will then go on Friday to Ribbon reef 9, which is then only 20 nm from the Cape. Looks like we will have 3 days of calm weather! YES!!!

I'm not sure what the internet signal will be like so will post again when we can. Until then enjoy these photos taken today from the top of Grassy Hill.

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