Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tropical Birds

 Marlin Bar
 Lizard Island
 Where we been a few times

view from China ridge walk to the anchorage

 Saw these 2 on our walk today.
We had our walk a but earlier today as we had mail come in on a 12 flight. We walked to
the airport and to the Marlin Bar, then up over the ridge back to the anchorage. Saw these 2 on our walk and they were nice of enough not to fly off before I got their photos.
We heard today during sundowners on the beach that there will be a halloween dress up party at the Marlin Bar pictured above. The Marlin Bar is actually at Lizard beach resort, and is there for the staff of the resort. It is open for the people in the anchorage and the place where all the marlin fishermen hang out during their tournament, which happened at the beginning of this month. The fishing is still happening around and there are quite a few marlin fishing boats still taking clients out for a day of fishing.

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