Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wet weather

Funny we are up here to experience what a wet season is like in Cairns, and Cairns has
had the driest wet season in 6 years!

Now that we are into March, our autumn, we are actually having some REALLY wet weather! The monsoon trough is over us now and has spun 2 tropical lows to the west and north of the top end.
Which are both expected to form into cyclones, but shouldn't effect us more then heavy rain.

The outside jobs are on hold until we get some drier weather. There isn't much left on the inside
to do as I tackled that earlier this year. I have 2 cupboards left to do. So Bruce has been working
on building some web sites, and I just finished a blanket for one of our daughters. Glad I've got
some books to read, and the time to relax!

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