Wednesday, December 30, 2009

break and we went for it!

There was a break in the rain and we decided to go for it. Untied the dock lines and we pushed off with the help of 3 earth Angels who happen to be walking up to the end of the finger we were on! WOW was it rough!! As soon as we turned the corner out of the marina it hit us. Wind against tide yuck! We kept on as it's only a little over an hour to Great Keppel Island. It remained pretty ordinary the whole trip, but did a get a bit better as we got into some deeper water. We decided we would anchor at Monkey Beach. We had to be right out as there are quite a few boats around at the moment. Wasn't too bad but then the tide changed where did these waves come from???? Wind holding the boat side on to the swell moving through. Then in the night as soon as the tide changed the swell disappeared. This morning we were able to move up a bit into the anchorage. Still getting rainy showers some quite heavy, and constant wind. Swell still moving through on the incoming tide. We did get off the boat this afternoon for a snorkel. I took some photos may post some later. There is quite a bit of fish life around and we quite enjoyed the hour or so swimming around with them. We had hundreds of these little fish who would love to chase the bubbles from your fins. I noticed when swimming behind Bruce and then I should him with my flippers.

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