Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve & day

We had a good New Years celebration. We were invited to a beach party at the resort beach here on Great Keppel Island. There was live music and dancing! The rain held off till just after midnight. We made a mad dash back to the boat which was anchored around the corner. Got back to the boat while it was drizzling and by the time we had the dingy up and our gear unloaded it started belting down!
Today the weather has cleared some. No rain but still cloudy. Winds have calmed. After our morning chores we had some breaky. Oh yeah I decided to bring the new year in on a fast so I didn't have anything to eat yesterday at all, only drank water. So this morning (late) I broke my 40 hour fast!
The rest of the day we just had a relax, and went for a snorkel. the fish life on this reef is amazing. You should have seen the size of the coral trout we've been seeing. Yes it's a geen zone so it's off limits! We also swam with some turtles. btw theres a turtle nest on the resort beach so we might be lucky enough to see them hatch before we head south. well thats all for tonight. Heading to bed. Tomorrow we will get our hooka out and have a bit of a dive so I hope to get some good pics. we got ourselves a mask that takes videos so i may have a go with that tomorrow and learn hoew to post a video. until then ;o) ;o) :o)

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