Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jan 3rd

We've had a few lovely days here at Monkey Point. Yesterday we did a kiyak run around the reef and found a little beach to have lunch on and then do some snorkeling. not much on th snorkel scene there but had a lovely swim. Today we got the hooka rig out ( dive without tanks), and had a try early, but the current was a bit strong. Bruce gave the props a clean and once the tide setlled a bit we tried again. Since we are at the time of spring tides (higher high tides and lower low tides there is a lot of water moving about, so visiblity wasn't as good as the other day. I did try our new mask/camera, but I wasn't real sure about hw to use it so I don;t think at this stage there will be a videos to share.
There is a SE change coming through tomorrow so we will have to move from this anchorage, around to the other side of the idland, which means my internet connection will not be so good. i will update again when i can.

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