Monday, January 11, 2010


Well we have been sitting here for a week now with these SE blowing like crazy, but not complaining as this is a most beautiful place to be!! There are several other boats in the anchorage waiting for a break in the weather so they can head south. We spent sometime today doing some chores on the boat, and a bit of a clean as well. The skys have cleared so the SUN was out today.
I have been following Jessica Watson's trip around the world (youngest around the world non stop unassisted). Bruce and I met Jessica when we were all in the same radio course together in Mooloolaba a couple of years ago. We watched her train on the boat across the dock from us "The Big Wave Rider" going up and down the mast by herself. Jessica is coming up to Cape Horn (notoriously rough seas) in a few days. It is a major mile stone of her journey. If you would like to follow along she also has an e-blogger address:
I've been playing with the computer learning how to make a project to print dvd of our journey...challenging!! I have also picked up my guitar the last couple of nights to give it a go as I have always wanted to play. My fingers are quite sore. ;o)

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