Saturday, July 23, 2011

Out again

We hung around the Cairns area for a few more days getting exercise, and a few things finished on the boat. We had an antennae installed at the top of the mast to receive better internet. The engines had to be checked because the tacko was still not right. Turn out to be a bad sender. That part has been ordered and will be fitted by Bruce later next week. We also found out we need to replace the fuel lines, and that will be done once I'm off the boat in a couple of weeks. With this finished we were now free to leave the docks, so we left for Turtle Bay yesterday. It is SO good to be out again! This is such a peaceful anchorage! We will sail onto Fitzroy tomorrow after the weekend crowd goes in. We're planning on staying there for a couple of days, and then returning to Cairns. I'm sure I have some photos to upload and will do so soon. I haven't been on the computer much lately. Well, thats all for now. Going to put little soul in the water and see if we can catch a fish for dinner.

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