Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where has the time gone?

We've been rather busy with the girls, and LOVING every minute of it! Kendra joined us on the 12th, and 2 days later her best friend Chynae joined us. We sailed out to Michalmas Cay for a snorkel. We watched a hump back whale play in the waters not far from the Cay. It was breaching and splashing the water over and over again. We should have left on Friday, but stayed 2 nights there. On Friday night the strong winds came in, we had gust up to 38 kts in the anchorage! Saturday morning we were still dealing with strong winds and high tides to make the anchorage very rollie. The winds were expected to ease some on Saturday afternoon, and then pick up again. We left around noon, and sailed in 25/30kts of SSE winds. If they had been SE we could have had a tack right into the channel, but being more from the south, we had to tack in and out again. We were quite impressed on the way our girl, Tropical Soul sailed! We usually don't venture out into these kind of winds, so we didn't know what to expect of her. We arrived back in Cairns late Saturday afternoon in enough time for the girls to shower eat and hit the town. The girls started to pre drinks on the boat jamming to their tunes. As we came back to the boat after a dinner out, the 2 of them were heading off to check out the music scene in town.
The next day we planned a trip up to Kuranda rainforest and markets. The ride up the mountain was a bit windy, and the girls were feeling a bit hung over from their night out. Stopping at the look out to get some fresh air seem to cure them, and later after a walk around the town a bite to eat really made them feel all right again!
Chynae flew home on Monday afternoon. It was a FUN time for us all!

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