Friday, May 18, 2012

Bluewater marina with Deane

The new owner of Tropical Soul pictured below. The survey complete and to our credit the surveyor mentioned he hasn't seen a used boat in such GOOD condition in years. The only suggest he could make was to get the life raft serviced later this year. We are quite proud of our girl and have lovingly taken care of her as such. It was a big job sometimes, but we always had our list going to keep her in good condition.
Bruce & Deane are down at the slipway now slashing her, and then bringing her back to Bluewater marina. This is where Deane will keep her while he readies her for travel with him. It's time for him to move all his personal things on board and make her his home. We are very excited for him and for her that she will continue to cruise and not waste away at a dock somewhere!
 our last sail on our girl.
 We were cruising along quite well you can see our trail line from the keels
The new owner bringing her up the Trinity River.

For all those reading this and have heard about Smithys slipway through our blog, just wanted to update those that are thinking of using the slipway. We were quite shocked to find the prices have mored then doubled since our time there last year. If you are wanting to slip in the Trinity river best to get some prices from the other slipway as we have found out are considerably lower!!!!!!

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