Sunday, May 13, 2012


Well it has finally happened. We have now officially moved off the boat. Started packing her up on Sunday and worked everyday to get it all off by Thursday. On Friday we got off the last few things and put the finishing touches on her. I've been working on the inside, and Bruce has been polishing her on the outside. She is all empty, clean, and shiny. Ready for her new owner.
All that is left now is to haul her out and have her surveyed. She comes out of the water on Tuesday, and is surveyed on Wed.
We moved her today from the marina to the river, and had a GREAT sail. Blowing SE 20/25 kts and we sailed her close hauled tacking back and forth, then we turned her downwind and had a nice run into the river. All going to plan she will be in the hands of the new owner in a few days.
It was a bitter sweet day for us both and we are SO happy that she will continue to be loved and sailed with the new owner.


Nautical Nancy said...

Oh WOW - it all comes around so quickly. I don't think I could move off ALANA ROSE just yet.
Are you still keeping your Tropical Blog or will you start a new or maybe not do a blog anymore?

saundra said...

Hello Nancy. Yes it did kind of move fast. I guess once we make our minds up we start manifesting! We have put a contract on a lovely house up Kuranda way, and all going to plan should be in there in the next week or two.
We are excited for the changes coming our way!!
I'm not sure what is happening with the blog. Deane the new owner will continue to cruise on her. He maybe taking over the web site. I will continue to use fb with our current updates on my personal page.
Enjoy the sailing and living aboard AR as we did enjoy our time on TS. We just found it was time for us to make a change.