Friday, April 8, 2011

Bus into town

We did catch a bus today into Southport. It was a very rainy morning this morning. Heavy rain fall during the early hours and into the morning so much so that we didn't think we would get away today. The rains eased and we found the schedule for the bus service to Australia Fair shopping plaza, so away we went. It was a fun day, and I was able to buy the tea I went there for!
There was a cinema there and we had a look at what was playing, but didn't have a clue as to what any of them were about. We had a walk around and had a bite to eat for lunch.

In a few days we will be leaving the Gold Coast and heading for Mooloolaba. We will stop at Lamb Island to visit with Bruce & Sandy, may even stop at N. Straddie for a day and have an explore, then onto Tangalooma before going into Mooloolaba. We will have some friends on board as well, so it should be a couple of fun days ahead.

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