Thursday, April 28, 2011

getting ready

Today we started to get ready for our exit from Mooloolaba. We have been to the grocery shop to stock up on our staple supplies. Tomorrow I will go off to the butcher & green grocer, while Bruce refuels, checks engines, batteries ect....
We've been watching the weather now since our return from Nowra. I have to say this leg of the journey is my least favourite of the whole coast! We haven't yet been around the break sea spit, but may attempt it this time. The wide bay bar is not crossing I care to do, but neither is the thought of night sailing around the break sea. At the moment there is a big low pressure in the Coral sea causing some strong winds, rain, and big swell. We are seeing 3 metre seas in the forecast, not good. That is the biggest down side of coming down this far for the cyclone season. Last year we didn't come past Tin Can Bay because of this very issue. We remembered all to well our first adventure out of Mooloolaba waiting for weeks to catch the right weather conditions, and in the end we ended up with head winds the whole night! How ever the crossing was flat as a tack!
Anyway we will continue to monitor the weather and make ourselves ready to go. We are committed to staying until after Saturday as we celebrate Joanna's birthday in Brisbane.


Jenksie said...

Hi Saundra
Got your comment on my blog thanks. I have not gone around the Break Spit from the south we did come close to it when we sailed in from overseas when we bought out catamaran and found it alright.

As far as crossing the bar at Wide Bay I find the morning crossings one or two hours prior to high tide is best. We sailed up on 15-20 knot winds from SE and achored at Double Island Point and crossed the next morning. Looking at the weather next Tuesday Wednesday would be good days to cross. Not sure when you are planning to leave.

We are at Yankee Jacks will be going into Urangan for a couple of days on 4th.

Hope to catch up some time.


saundra said...

Thanks John for all your input. Yes we are ready to go and we thought we would leave Tuesday night sail through the night to cross the bar on Wed morning. We don't plan on spending too much time in the Sandy Straits, so catch up soon.

Jenksie said...

You can find us on the tacker.

We will be in Urangan Wed through to Monday.