Monday, April 18, 2011

finally got a sail with the group

We finally got a sail in, and it was a pretty decent one. We left out of Morton Island through the NE channel. With changed channel markers it kept us on our toes. Once out past the bar we could fall into a more comfortable tack. Then once again we were called to attention when we drew nearer to the shipping channel. We had 5 different ships we had to keep our eye on. Once we even had to haul ass across the shipping channel to keep out of the way. Added a bit of excitement to our day!
As I said in an earlier post after looking at weather conditions we decided to head to Mooloolaba a day or two early. Now that we are back in I know we have made the right decision. We sailed in on Saturday, and the gang all left on Sunday afternoon. Today we have had nothing but heavy winds and heavy, really heavy, showers!
It is a full moon so this doesn't surprise me at all. Would love to stay in tonight, but promised Samantha we would come watch her dance.

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