Sunday, February 21, 2010

Has it been a week already?

I can't believe we been here a week already! Last Tuesday we left Big Woody to move to more protected anchorage for strong SE blowing in. We decided to go into the straights and sat out the weather off of Yankee Jacks, or South White Cliffs. We were very protected there, so much so the mossies, and noseeum found us right away!! We had a couple of boats join us the 2nd day there, but they moved on the next day. Which left us in the anchorage by ourselves which is something that doesn't happen to often. I must admit that after a few days there I was starting to get cabin fever, as it had been raining for days! We did finally get off the boat and had an explore around the old logging site, and a lovely walk on the island. Saw a few sea Eagles here, and a kingfisher see photos.
Oh and speaking of photos: I stand corrected as the fish we caught last week was not a Wahoo, but a Narrow barred Mackeral. Thanks to Bruce Morgan for spotting that one. Afetr all it is your fishing rig we keep catching our dinner on!!!
Today we moved on up to the top of Fraser Island. It is much nicer up here, but guess what? yep i must be focusing on to much of what's been biting me, because I brought it with us. We went for a swim and what was in the water with us sea lice, we went for a walk and what was on the beach with us. yep sand flies. Oh well it is Feb. in Qlds, and we are at Fraser Island!

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