Monday, February 22, 2010

It has been nice up at this end. We are enjoying the walks on the beach, as long as you protect yourself from the bugs, and a lovely swim. We didn't get out until late in the day as I had to take care of some travel business most of the day, but when we finally did the area was alive with wildlife!
We saw a shovelnose ray see photo, ducks having a feed on bait fish, and dolphins as well. We also both saw some very big fish jumping out of the water from the boat. Wishing we could say here a few more days, butmore heavy weather is on it's way and we are just not sure what this area is like in Heavy Se winds. We will move back into the straights and stay off of Kingfisher resort for a few days until the weather clears.
Hopefully we will get another break and we can check out the top end of Fraser.

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