Friday, March 5, 2010

Dolphins & Dingos Encounters

Well it's been a while since I've been able to get a good enough signal to post. Since the last post dated 22/02 we have been up at the top end of Fraser Island. After contacting a friend who has spent a bit of time in the Platypus Bay area we felt it was good to stay during the SE that blew in. We are only back into the straights today because we need to make our way into Tin Can Bay in a few days. So much to tell of our time at the top end of Platypus Bay. As the title indicates we had Dingo & Dolphin encounters. There has been plenty of wildlife in the area! The best being the dolphin we saw leap out of the water not just once, but 3 times! Jumped about 2m into the air it was FANTASTIC! The other wild encounter we had was with Dingos. For my American family & friends Dingos are a wild dog, which have been known to attack and kill. The first encounter was when we were in a little creek in the dingy actually for those familiar with the area Wathoomba Creek. Anyway we had 2 dingos following us along the bank, but the real encounter was for Bruce. We were all set up to move into the creek the following day on Tropical Soul. We had gone in on high tide to place a marker on where we should drop the anchor. We also walked there at low tide to make sure it was on a nice flat bit of hard sand, as the boat would be sitting high & dry at low tide. We did end up moving our marker. We had just gotten back to the boat, and a weather report came on over the vhf with a change in the following days weather. Now expected gail force winds from the SE to move in earlier then predicted. We decided we better take cover and anchor behind some of the high cliffs on Fraser, but we had to get our marker. Bruce left me on the boat, and took off to get the marker. While I was preparing the boat to make wa. Bruce had to walk to the marker as the tide wouldn't permit the dingy to make it up that far. On his way back from the flats he was being followed by a dingo. Probably the one we saw the day before. At first he was followed, then the dingo decided it would come along beside him( about 6ft away), and then it decided it would go ahead of him. At this point Bruce was just keeping an eye on it, but luckily he had an anchor from the marker in his hand if he needed to use something to protect himself. He here are some photos of the dingos.

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