Monday, March 8, 2010

Sandy Straits

We moved into the Straits after leaving Platypus Bay. Anchored at Yankee Jacks for a night ready to cross the flats on the high tide. We are due in at the marina on the 10th of March in Tin Can Bay. We have had mostly rainy days here. Did have a clearer day yesterday enough that we could actually dry a few things in the cockpit, but rain so thick when crossing the Sheridan Flats it was hard to find your next channel marker. We have the same conditions today, a white out. I took a photo of the conditions. Next anchorage was a lovely spot called Brown's Gutter which is a small gutter of water near Fraser Island. You can only come in on the high tide. We have been here for 2 nights, and will be leaving on the high tide today. Heading for Pelican Bay for a couple of nights before making way for the marina. There has been so much activity in here! Turtles galore, and so many fish at night they were hitting the side of the boat. Have to wait until 2:00 pm today before we can make our way out on the rising tide. Was unable to upload photos as internet connection still weak. Will try again later.

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