Thursday, March 25, 2010

on the hook again!

Well the list has finally been crossed off. We sure did accomplish a lot this time in port. Thanks to Bruce's hard work! We are now restocked, refueled, clean and shiny inside and out. It sure does feel good! Leaving the dock with clean sheets, laundry and plenty of food on board.
Time for our next chapter. One of the things we did in port was to change over our mobile phone provider, and upgrade our internet connections, which means we will hopefully be able to have better coverage along the coast.
We are slowly making our way North again. We will be stopping off in Hervey Bay to pick up some family to take them out to the top of Fraser Island for Easter Weekend. Once we bring them back to Hervey Bay we will, weather permitting, make our way back up to the Keppel Islands. We have another road trip planned in April when we drive South to Central Coast of NSW( just north of Sydney) for my GRADUATION!!!! Yes I've finished my Dru yoga teacher training and will be having my final module in April. We will then head a bit further South to visit Uncle Bob before we head back North. A few more weeks on the boat and then we take a trip overseas to the good ole US of A to see the family. :o) Stayed tune for more adventures of Tropical Soul!!

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