Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday 15th of Feb

We had a great run down the coast! We decided to go out to the Cape, and we spent a night anchored at Cape Capricorn. We left out of there at 5am with plans on stopping at 1770, Round Hill, but as we were going we made such great time we would have been stopping at like 1:30 in afternoon, so we decided to keep going as we were both confident into arriving into Bundaberg in the dark. We arrived at the channel marker to the Burnett river around 8:30 pm, and anchored right in the river mouth as we were leaving first thing the next morning. I was cool with the whole thing until we got to the anchoring bit as it was dark as hell, and we had spring tides with wind against tide which made anchoring a challenge as we couldn't set the anchor. I ended up setting the alarm for the tide change just to be sure when it did that we would stay put. Didn't sleep until midnight as we were watching our position and plotting our course for the next day. The alarm went off at 2:20 am so we didn't really sleep much. We left out of the river around 7 am and it was quite rough water as the wind had been blowing all night. We had another super sail with the winds starting out on the beam, then moving to the port quarter, and once in the Fairway channel we were running with it, so out came the spinaker! Delightful.
Oh yeah and to top off the trip we caught my most favourite fish a WAHOO! Check it out!! We are still eatting from it and have shared it with 2 other boats.
Anyway we are now anchored behind Big Woody Island we're here! Going to play around Fraser Island for a bit.

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