Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cooktown markets

On Saturday morning there is a small market in the park next to the Bowl's club. Today we visited the markets on our way to the green grocer, and the butcher to finish up our provisioning. We stopped by the markets again on the way back as a pair of clap sticks were calling me. The clap sticks we bought along with a painted stone ( painted by Helen Gordon) are from the Nugal Warra clan.
This area is steeped in history. There is a photo here (the rock monument) where the Endeavour was beached for 7 weeks while being repaired. The area was then explored by James Cook, Joseph Banks, & Daniel Solander. Many things to do here, walks to the lighthouse, along the river, through rainforest with some magnificent views, along with a maritime museum, & tour run by an an Elder of the Nugal Warra clan to ancestral rock art, to name a few.
Something to look forward to the next time we visit as we are pushing on from here in the morning. We had priorities of getting done what needed to be done first, so with the first weather window we would be ready to go. We had hoped to walk in the morning, but there is a break in the 30 knot winds tomorrow so we will move on.

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