Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sept 1st

Well we had something different to do!!! It was Phil's (Duet II) birthday, so we had sundowners on the beach. Then off to "Marauder II" for dinner. We met the people off of "About Time" on the beach earlier in the day as we all congregated at about the same time. We planned then to meet on the beach @ 4 p.m. for sundowners then move to Marauder II for dinner. Our sundowners got cut a bit short with a heavy rain shower hitting us. We all met back on marauder bringing a dish to share, and Marauder II (keen fisher-persons Linda & Trevor) supplied the yummy Coral trout. Was a really fun night.
We were going to leave today, and still might just now blowing a constant 25 kts, and raining. it looks like it's not going to ease for a while.
Bottom photo is actually 2 turtles swimming close to shore.


Anonymous said...

wow the third picture up is BEAUTIFUL!
i miss you and love you!

saundra said...

Thanks Babe MISS you TOO!