Thursday, September 23, 2010

More on Lizard Island

Well it looks like a fair few of you don't have facebook, so we will keep the blog going. :o)
Today we had a bit of a walk around the island. 3 hours later we are back at the boat resting up for sundowners this afternoon. Hard life I know. I actually haven't been in for sundowners for 3 days now, Bruce went in for one with the gang night before.
Weather still doing it's usual blowing 25 knots with some higher gusts keeping us well powered, cool, and able to make water without the engine or the genie which is a bonus! Full tanks and laundry done too!
We ended up on the windward side today, so another picture of the beautiful lagoon. never et tired of seeing that for sure. I'm quite relaxed and happy to be here for a while longer. Nothing on the Queensland Coast beats this place in my eyes!
I've attached a photo of the little airport departure/arrival lounge. There is a very exclusive resort here, and this is how the guests come onto the island. Photo of Tropical Soul.

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