Monday, October 11, 2010

caught a fish!

We decided we would go and try and catch a fish today. We took the dingy around to the area here where you are allowed to fish. We took our Mackrel reel, and Bruce fished while I drove the boat. It was quite rough, and I must admit I am usually a bit nervous in those conditions. We gave it a go for about an hour or so, and it was getting to the point where I was having trouble seeing because of the salt water in my eyes. We were coping a bit of water over the bow of the dingy. After saying 3 times this is the last loop around, we decided it was getting a bit more lumpy and I was thinking this is the last go and just as we were about to the end of our loop we got a strike. As Bruce was pulling it in I said oh no I think we caught a shark! What I was seeing was the shark following our fish in!! We had to work together to get the fish into the dingy. I drove to calmer water as Bruce pulled the fish closer to the dingy.
Back on the boat we had some visitors. This morning this seagull hung around and watched me making breakfast this morning. The shadow in the water is a shark, or should I say SHARKS! Interesting day for sure. Had the fish on the grill, and shared some with a few other boats in the anchorage.

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