Saturday, October 2, 2010

Marlin season

Looks like we will be here for a while longer as another week of strong winds are ahead of us. The anchorage is started to get a few of the sport fish boats in now, as they are gearing up for the marlin tournament happening in 2 weeks. ( We could still be here for that). Will be an exciting time to watch/listen for the tournament results. This is a tag and release event. The last night all those from the boats get together at the marlin bar on the resort beach, which will be fun if we are still here. If your interested in seeing some of the fish caught since the start of the season then google marlin tournament Cooktown and that will bring you to some blogs, and charter companies with photo and info on the fish caught.
We went for a walk to the research station today. Parts of the walk were a bit slow going through very thick soft sand/ dirt. My knees are feeling it now.
We are watching the weather now waiting for a break of a few days to make our way South. In the mean time we will enjoy this island as much as we can! There really isn't a better place to be on the Qld. coast in my eyes. This anchorage has walks, snorkeling, clear water, internet signal (no phones) and a barge fortnightly for supplies. :o)
Well that's all from us now.

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