Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Check this out once on the web site look under the menu (on the left of the page) you'll see links to utube videos of these boys in action.
This boat has been in and out of the anchorage for the last week. Last 2 nights it has anchored in front of us. There is a clip of what happens at the start of the tournament.
It looks like we will be here for the start of this years tournament! looking at the weather there aren't any signs of it letting up in the next week, so we have decided to stock up on the special barge coming in for the boats of the tournament. We've ordered food, booze, and propane as we are going to be on our last tank soon., and fuel. Pretty cool!
This means when we get a weather window we can take our time going down the reef, and we won't be in any hurry to get to port.
Here's a look at the super yachts we've had visiting the anchorage of late. Yesterday we had a cruise ship in and they were ferrying people back & forth to the beach all day. They brought in these kayaks for the guest to play with.

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