Monday, November 22, 2010

Beaver reef

I noticed that I didn't post about my fish while on the way out to Beaver reef. I hooked up twice the first hit sang some line out, but the line broke. Figured it has been sitting on the back of the boat so it is getting sun damage. Bruce rigged the line for me, and out it went and wasn't very long before the line sang out again. It was quite a fight, and it didn't help the matter to see that somehow the line was caught around the eye of the rod, and there wasn't anything we could do about it until we finished bringing the fish in. I'm telling you this fish is huge, and it was wearing me out. I would be holding the line tight, and it would just bury further into the water. Until finally the fish tried out and came to the surface. It wasn't until I got the fish to the boat when I saw it wasn't because it was getting tired that it came to the surface it was because a shark took a big bite out of it. Bruce thinks I was fighting the shark for a while. we threw back the rest of the fish and I called it quits. What we caught wasn't good eating really. Tuna mac.
Here are some photos from Beaver reef.

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