Friday, November 12, 2010

Michaelmas Cay

We finally received the what we were waiting on in the post. Our new booster for the internet. Which means we can now be on our way. With a good weather forecast for the next several days maybe even a week we have decided to go out to the reefs off of Cairns before heading South. First stop Michaelmas Reef. We found a mooring available here. Had a lovely snorkel, and a swim under the boat with lots of Bat fish, Trevally, and a Trigger fish too.
We had to motor out today as the wind was too light, but around sunset storms to the South of us had the winds picking up to 20 knots from the S/SW. We never did get any rain, and now the winds are calming again.
Michaelmas Cay is a bird sanctuary, and there are so many birds here that the Cay has a bit of an odor to it. Here are a few photos from our snorkel earlier today.

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