Wednesday, November 17, 2010

from Franklands to family Islands

We left Normanby Island this morning. Winds were 10 kts SSW, which made the anchorage a bit rollie. The sun was out today which made it a contrast to yesterdays heavy cloudy rainy day! We went all the to Wheeler Island, but had trouble with the anchor. We anchored in 12 ft of water, but found it strange that we couldn't see the bottom. It was about 4:15 this afternoon with the sun going behind storm clouds. We dropped the anchor and was going about getting settled in when we heard a big popping/banging noise. When Bruce went to check it out our bridle was stuck on something underwater. Most likely a big rock. We decided we didn't like this so I drove us off the rock while Bruce pulled up the bridle then the anchor. We moved over to Bedarra, and dropped the pick here. It is a glass out right now. Not a breath of wind.
On our travels today we were able to make water since we were motoring all day, and I did our laundry. Now boats all dry, & clean. feels good. Looks like 2 more days of light weather before a big SE change this weekend.

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