Sunday, May 15, 2011

GKI again

Well our lovely week on the reef came to an end yesterday. We went from Lady Musgrave to Fitzroy lagoon where we stayed another 2 nights. Then we were issued a strong wind warning for Sunday, and knew it was time to leave. The only problem with reef anchorages is that once there you can't plan to have any night or early departures as you need to see where it is you're going as far as bommies go. Even though you have a gps trail we wouldn't want to go without having a good visual. The earliest we felt we could attempt to exit was around 8 a.m. we decided that we would sail onto GKI as we are comfortable coming into this anchorage at night. Bruce wanted to go to Yellow Patch, but we haven't been there before and there is a bit of a bar to cross to enter, and it was going to be dark by the time we got there, so we'll have to save that for another time. You can't do everything in one trip, and we were so happy to have reef time. That is what we want to explore more of this year.
We finally caught up with Euphoria, and Alana Rose! We've all been facebooking each other, and today we are all in the same anchorage. We went a shore to what Trish calls camp Keppel, a place to gather around a camp fire. Was really good to finally catch up with them all. We might even see more of each other along the way as we all want to go to the same places this year.
We are staying here through this next lot of strong winds then heading on.

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