Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wide bay bar crossing

even Bruce is rugged up
I have on so many layers brrrr
Ngaragen coming out while we were getting ready to cross
The washing machine between way pt 2 & 3
A beautiful sunset!

It was a very good night last night. We had some really strong thunderstorms come through the Mooloolaba area around 5 to 6 last night. I was glad they moved through while we were in the marina. We weren't planning to leave until 8 because we wanted to be crossing the bar the last hour of the run in tide. The first way pt was 54 nautical miles away, and we worked on an average of 5 kts. The exit out of Mooloolaba went well! We had some calm weather after the storms. Once outside we did get into some swell, but they were long period swells and not very big. We did get some wind during the first part of the night of off Coolum and we were able to sail for a while. That was really nice WSW around 16 kts. under the headsail. Then the winds died off again.
At around 2 a.m. I asked Bruce to have a lie down, so I could have the helm for a while. I had it for 1 1/2 hours while he rested. Right before he woke up I started to see shooting stars. I saw 3 in a row. When he took the helm I had a lie down for about 45 mins. By now it was a little after 4, and I wanted to enjoy the last part of the evening. I made us a cup of tea, and we both were in awe of the sky so lit up by the stars, and so many meteorites. We were like there ones and another oh wow did you see that one? I saw one that I actually saw the smoke trail behind!
Then we were greeted by this sunrise. (above) The bar itself wasn't bad, it was the area between 2 & 3 that was quite animated!
Once inside the harbour we decided to continue n to cross the Sheridan Flats before the tide got too low. We finally anchored at Yankee Jacks around 12. Had an relaxing rest of the day. Then we were blessed by this sunset! Maybe it is a sign that this cruising season is going to be a good one!

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