Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hunter to Curlew

Well today was not as fast as yesterday! We averaged about 5 kts in some confused seas. We're anchored now in the NE anchorage on Curlew Island. I feel we are making progress as we are now in the northern coast on the weather reports, and as we travel up we move through the tide book and are now using tides from Mackay.
We will be in Mackay tomorrow. Weather has turned to drizzle rain and it looks like it will be around for a few days.
When we left GKI , Scarlett a seawind 1160 we met while at Lady Musgrave, also left. They are a family on an adventure to sail around Australia in a year. It was good to meet them, and we hope to see them a few more times as we make our way north. I'm going to enjoy their adventure through their blog and thought I would post the link here for others to enjoy as well.
I'm looking forward to time at the marina tomorrow and the next few days. It will be good to get the boat washed and all the laundry done, legs & armpits shaved and a long, long hot shower!! We've been away for 3 weeks now. We're also hoping to catch a movie as The Pirates fourth movie has been released!
It will be nice to try and catch up with John & Nancy on Alana Rose as well. We have been in the same anchorage for the last few nights, but by the time we get in and get settled it gets a bit late for a visit.
Well thats all for now. I will post some photos later. Time for a shower and to make some dinner.

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