Wednesday, May 25, 2011

List nearly complete!

It always feels so good to accomplish your list! We have just a few more jobs to do, well Bruce has a few more jobs to do, service generator, and refuel. We still have to have the engines serviced, oil change, impellers change, new radiator caps installed. That should be happening this afternoon. Then we need to give her a good belt of revs to blow out a clogged injector, as that seems to be a the problem with the port engine. My last jobs is to restock! we are working to get it all done so we can play tomorrow and Friday.
We have a car booked for tomorrow, and Friday we want to have another good look around, and of course use it to do our shopping. My shopping list is nearly ready for tomorrow.
Now that the boat is all clean from the inside out we are going off to have some warm fish & chips!! It is a beautiful sunny but rather chilly day! Oh and maybe another latte! YUM

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