Thursday, June 16, 2011

From Palm Island to Hinchinbrook Island

We had a lovely sail to Hinchinbrook Island, although at times we nearly came to a stand still in the doldrums. We could see wind all around us but we were sitting in a pocket of no wind! We took advantage of the calm and had some breakfast. Being patient the wind did finally came our way. We could see it moving towards us across the water. Not long after we left Scarlett raised sails to join us on our journey to Zoe Bay. As we came clear of Pelorus Island we got some good wind. We had a bit of a doldrum there as well. I was making some lunch when Bruce spotted something in the water. We called me on deck to see what we were seeing, he thought it was a whale. It turned out to be a huge log like a telephone poll about 50 ft. long bobbing along in the water with just a bit of it here and there sticking out. We called Craig on the radio to tell him to watch out for it, and then radioed into to Townsville Coast Guard with a position report. Shortly after the radio call we came into another patch of debris of timber in the water, which we radioed in the watch for. We figure with the extra big spring tides debris from the shores may have been washing into the sea. This is the area where our big Cyclone hit earlier this year. We continued on course for Zoe Bay, but once there figured it was too rough for an overnight anchorage as the winds shifted more to the SE. We moved north to the next bay Ramsay Bay where we anchored for the night. As we were calling Craig on the radio to tell him we were going to stay here he could see us on his AIS and plotter and he said you are heading for a submerged rock. I was at the helm and straight away turned the boat and we did circles for a few loops before we decided we should move away from this spot. When I later looked at the plotter it was too close for comfort. I knew it was there, but I wasn't watching on the plotter. Yikes makes my stomach drop thinking about it. Thanks to you Craig forgiving us the heads up!!!!! Once anchored we went to shore for a walk on the beach. Then it was to Scarletts for sundowners! What a great way to end a good day with some friends!

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SCARLETT said...

Although we didn't come across the pole ourselves, we were very grateful for the warning!

Incidentally - we DID see a small whale as we were entering Hinchinbrook right after you guys - did you see it? - at first I thought it was a dolphin, but then we saw the distinctive hump. It seemed quite small - but there was no mother around, so perhaps it was just a juvenile - no pic unfortunately as I was being bothered by the "depth below limit" warning on the instruments at the time! (not sure how the whale managed to dive - there wasn't much water, but at least it was heading out to sea!