Sunday, June 5, 2011

Time to move on

Well Scarlett was moving on, but not in the direction we are. They have gone back to the Whitsundays as Craig has to sort out some new batteries for the boat. We are still making our way north, but with such ideal conditions we hated to leave the reef. So instead we choose to go north to the next reef, Line reef (well NE). It was too good to pass up as we have been wanting to see it and the wind & seas were calm. It took us some time to find a good spot to anchor away from coral bommies. The charts were out here as we were meant to be in 5 metres of water when we were in 8 or 9 and we really couldn't get any closer to the reef and still have good swinging room.
It was a good explore, but the currents were very strong here. There were some really big fish on the reef, and the coral went from a few feet to twenty and deeper all along the reef.
We had one night here and since it was a place where we were we could fish I had a line out back for a bit trying to catch a fish. Had a couple of bites but it broke the line. Still was another beautiful night on the reef.
The next morning we woke to cloudy skies and sailing winds, so we made our way along our track back out of the reef, as it wasn't sunny enough or late enough to really see our way. Still I went up on the roof to keep watch along the way. We decided to make way to Cape Upstart.
Where I sit now updating our blog. It was a great sail all day and into the night. We averaged 6 kts all day and it took us 15 hours to reach the anchorage. Was 11:15 by the time we dropped sails and anchored.
We are making way again this morning for either Cape Bowling Green or Magnetic Island depends on condition of the sea & crew.
That's all for now.

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John Jenks said...

Hi Saundra and Bruce,
It is beautiful at Line Reef we spent 3 nights there last year, we anchored at No 4 anchorage listed in the 100 Majic Miles guide book right in the southern corner of Line Reef. I see you did the Fort walk, we always go for that on Maggie to. We will not be north until September I think at this satge could be a bit earlier.

Anyway enjoy.

John & Nancy
Alana Rose