Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tuesday to Thursday some beautiful travels!

This is a dolphin swimming on his back flapping its tail on the surface of the water.
Another pod of smaller dolphins came by.
Looking west to Hinchinbrook Island where we will head the following day.
Great Palm Island
Nearly full moon rising over island. This full moon will be a full lunar eclipse.

We left Maggie on Tuesday and headed to Great Palm Island to check out an anchorage we haven't been to. The NE bay as we were having SW winds. It is one of the clearest water anchorages we've been. We sailed for a while and when the wind dropped away to nothing we motored into the anchorage. We had a glass out! Dolphins greeted us into the anchorage with one swimming on his back flapping its tail on the surface of the water. After we were anchored we admired the crystal clear water. I was so tempted to get in, but it was a bit late in the day, and I'm nursing a slight ear infection. From the cabin top we had a good look all around and could see something on the surface of the water just in front of the boat. We watched for quite sometime and with the binoculars at times. We were watching a shark on the surface of the water. It was quite large! We got out our fish book and identified the shark as a Black Whaler. What a must lovely night we had. As the sunset set behind the island the nearly full rose over the eastern side of the island. Scarlett later joined us as they had a day walking and exploring Maggie Island before they came across.

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