Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mackay onward

We left Mackay last Saturday. First stop was to stay at the Newery Islands. We will have to go back there again for a little longer stay. It was quite nice, but we have some ground to cover so on we go. Next stop was Thomas Island a favourite of ours. Onward still to Whitehaven were the crew from Scarlett were heading. They were the next island up from us at Shaw the night we were at Thomas. We caught up with Scarlett at Whitehaven where they all came aboard for sundowners. We talked about the favourable conditions and going out to the outer reef. All in favour!! We had another lovely sail from Whitehaven to the top of Hook our sail of choose MPS or for those not familiar with those terms a spinnaker like sail. From Hook we sailed to Bait reef with 15/20 kts of wind but still had our MPS flying and we were cruising right along. Craig from Scarlett took our photo.

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