Thursday, June 16, 2011

Zoe Bay YAY

I wet in the pool at the very top of the waterfall. It was SO cold, but after a few minutes it was quite nice!
It's hard to catch heights in photos, but if you look where Bruce is then you can see we are near the top of a mountain top.
The water was so clear!
First waterfall pool so clear!
This was one of the first little waterfalls we saw on our walk to the main waterfall.

We had a calm night in behind Hinchinbrook Island in Ramsay Bay, and during the night the winds swung around more to the SW. Beauty we can now go to Zoe Bay and do the walk. After some morning activities, yoga & meditation for me, we weighed anchor and with Scarlett we went to Zoe bay to do the waterfall walk. We couldn't have asked for any better weather. It was outstanding sunny, cool, light breeze. We did the walk all the way to the top, and I will be posting heaps of photos soon. Our time was a bit limited as we wanted to make way to come into Hinchinbrook Channel southern end before the tide got too low. We made it only just at one point we read .06 metres under the keels. Lucky for us we had such calm conditions. Not anything like our last time coming in there when we had 25 + knots of wind against an out going tide. YUCK! We have anchored in behind Haycock Island, and it is so peaceful here. Scarlett is anchored behind us we are the only boats in here! We are both on our computers now catching up as it has been a few days since we've had any phone or internet. Going to sign off now and listen to the stillness as the sun sets. Will post some photos soon.


John Jenks said...

Hi Saundra and Bruce
Sounds like you are having a good time, every time we have been near Zoe Bay the wind has been wrong. I find it suprising the amount of SW winds that we have been having over the last few months. I cant remember it being this way. I'm not complaining as it is a good wind for going north and sailing around the islands but I just can't remember it being like this.
Cheers to both.

saundra said...

Bruce & I were just discussing this the other day. With these SW winds it also very cold! The coldest we have ever been on the boat!
We got very lucky with Zoe Bay as this was our second time in there. The first time we spent 3 nights in the anchorage. This time we anchored in Ramsay Bay for a night and just came into the anchorage to put down the hook while we did the waterfall walk. Well worth doing if you get the chance. I think it is the highlight of the cruising grounds of all the Queensland coast!

SCARLETT said...

Hey guys! finally found my way to your blog - great photos! It was certainly a lovely day looking at the falls at Zoe Bay - really worth the walk up - and the anchorage here in Hinchinbrook reminds me of "the castle" - ...ahhh the serenity!

saundra said...

Glad you found us. It has been the highlight of the trip so far! Pleased we could share the adventure. We will keep in touch and follow your adventures as you continue the journey around Australia. Safe sailing.