Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life in the river

We've been in the river now over a week. While it has been very comfortable here it will be good to FINALLY be moving on!
In a few days we fly south, I fly to Canberra for my Dru Yoga module, and Bruce is flying to Sydney, then driving to Forbes to visit with his father who is not doing to well.

Once back we have a bit more engine work to do....... Did I mention in our last post that we had broken engine mounts AGAIN on the port engine? We have taken care of this earlier this week. We went up to Smiths creek on Friday and the mechanic and Bruce replace the engine mounts front and back although the back didn't need it, and also did the starboard side again. We now have spare mounts, not that we will need them. It is a funny thing every time we mentioned that the boat is right we shouldn't have to spend any more on her for a while bingo something major goes wrong. A bit of the Law of Attraction at work.... the more you focus on what you don't want, the more of what you don't want you will get!!!!!

Anyway we will finally be on our way north again! It has been a long time coming as we have been kind of spinning our wheels since the girls left in August. We have several boating friends, who are now in the area, and will be going to Lizard Island about the same time.

I must say that as much as we have wanted to be going we have enjoyed our time here. Cairns always has something going on!! I LOVE that. Today we got in the dingy and went to the harbour for a walk, which we have done a few times. After our coffee with our friends from Euphoria we heard some music in the park and had a wander over to see what was going on. They were having the Tropical Wave Festival a multi-cultural dance event, and of all days not to bring my camera! We saw some really good dancing sorry we missed the belly dancing, but the group from PNG was OUTSTANDING!

 time on the river....stillness
 up the creek.... Smiths Creek

I will be posting again on our return until then stay well.

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