Friday, September 30, 2011

We're off and .........

What a beautiful day yesterday was. At first it was a milk pond so it was motoring for us. Eventually the wind came in lightly from the NE and we sailed along slowly at about 3.5 kts. By the way when we put the main sail up we had a little birds nest come tumbling out! In just a few days time while at the marina the little birds were very busy. I took a photo and will post it later. We weren't in a screaming hurry as we were enjoying being out on the water again cruising! Didn't see much activity as far as wild life, a few schools of fish.
Arrived at Lowe Isles at 16:00 hours and anchored up with some protection from the light NE winds.
During the early morning hours the winds did switch to NW/WNW 13 kts which is a little bit bumpy, but still okay. We have this forecast for the next day or 2 with NE to NW winds light. Looking at the charts now deciding which reef we will visit. Thinking of St. Crispin reef. If we have signal I will update later.

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