Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vlasoff Reef

 Dolphins with a baby behind the boat while we were having breakfast.
 I was So happy to be here I took so many photos. Through polaroid lenses it was stunning!
 some underwater shots the water was so clear!

 We finally had a glass out day!
We saw a small window of opportunity for a reef trip, and took it. We were scheduled to be at the marina until friday morning, but saw if we headed out on Thursday we could get some good weather on Friday! Friday was showing a glass out day on the wind maps!! It was only blowing 7 to 10kts at first on our way out, but we motor sailed as we wanted to make the reef before it got too late. We have never been out here before so we didn't know what to expect.  Once we got further out the winds increased as they seem to do around this area we had 13 to 15 kts on the nose. We arrived 2 hrs after the low so it was still relatively calm close to the reef. There are 2 moorings here, but only one to suit our size, and luck would have it no one was out here when we arrived at 2:30. Being so late in the day with a 4 max stay we thought we would be ok to stay the night. We were joined by another cat who was small enough to be on the other mooring, and another boat who seem to know his way around as he came in on dark and left first light. As soon as we were situated we took a splash off the back of the boat, a bit cold but oh so good! It has been a long time coming waiting for the right weather to be out here, and right conditions for us to have the time to be here!
Friday morning I did my yoga in the cockpit in awe of our beautiful surroundings. After a big breakfast as I knew we weren't going to be back for lunch until after our snorkel, we suited up and left the boat at 10:30. Well, it was 1 pm before we made it back to the boat! We had been in the water exploring the whole time knowing that it will be a while again before we will get the weather window. Once back at the boat Bruce did a bit of bottom cleaning as our speedo was stuck again, and the bottom is so muddy! I washed our gear and made lunch. We set off a little after to 2 although it would have been nice to stay! No chance as the strong wind warning had been issued and the winds were due in the early morning (2am).  Being a glass out it was a motor back in but one I didn't mind as it was so worth the trip. One of the nicest reefs we've been to! I was up on the cabin top looking for whales. I spotted a couple of dolphins and one came by for a quick hello before carrying on. We also spotted a whale but only saw it swimming along, and later saw it behind us but only its spouts, but at least we know they are still in our area. What a truly magic day! We came in and anchored in the river and had a lovely dinner!

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Craig and Kerry said...

Not sure about cleaning your bottoms while wearing speedos! Haha