Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wind against tide yuck

We anchored in the river last night and as the tide changed we realised that we were too close to the big catamaran next to us. He must of had out more anchor chain then us although when we pulled up our anchor we were fairly close to his boat. We re-anchored and thought to be in an okay spot. At the change of the tide the winds started which woke me, so I got up to watch where we were going to be sitting with the wind and the tide. Not good really a bit close to our friends Euphoria and there was a big blue catch which was moving different then us and brought us fairly close to each other. I wasn't comfortable. Bruce did finally wake and came out to have a look and said we were fine. With that advice I gladly crawled back to bed and fell back to sleep only to be woken by Bruce getting out of bed because he felt we had moved. When I looked at our gps it looked like we had dragged anchor, but that wasn't the case at all. We were sailing on our anchor the tide carrying us one way and then the wind sailing us back. We ended up staying awake watching the dawn break in the sky had a cuppa, and got ready to move. We decided we would move up river away from all the other boats during this spring tide and strong winds. We are now anchored up the river and it is so peaceful. I think I will sleep good tonight! We plan on taking the dingy for  ride and checking out some of the creeks, maybe at low tide today. I'll bring my camera as we may find a crocodile sunning itself on the river bank!

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