Friday, September 30, 2011

St. Crispins Reef

Well we are anchored at St. Crispin Reef. Arrived around 14:00 hrs, but didn't get anchored until 15:00 hrs. We had a look around as we haven't been here before. It is always a bit testy anchoring on the reef especially if you haven't been there before. Our first attempt was in a bit deeper water 45 ft and we couldn't tell if the anchor was going to sand or not. We decided to move and when we tried to up anchor it was caught on a  coral bommie. After several attempts with the windlass shorting out under pressure we freed the anchor. We came in a bit further to a small area that is surrounded by coral and anchored in the middle. With calm conditions all should be well!

 Euphoria at Undine reef
We had a bit of a snorkel with Trish from Euphoria as we met them out here. They were anchored at Undine for the night when we were at Lowe Isles. We decided to meet here and they arrived shortly after us. I should hope to have some photos tomorrow. In the meantime here is some shots of the kind of weather we are in at the moment, and of Undine reef as we were passing by.

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