Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another day @ Zoe bay

We decided that since we still have this wonderful weather window we will stay here another day. We started our day by Jer & I doing yoga on the beach while Bruce had a nice long walk on this magic beach. we met at the dingy when we were all done. Bruce told us he saw some shovel nose rays working along the beach catching fish. There is no fishing here as this is a World listed Heritage National Park! then back to the boat for a bite to eat, and to prepare for a dingy ride up the northern creek. You have to go in on the rising tide. We had another magic day! The creek seem to go on and on through mangroves, but as we started to get deeper up creek we noticed the vegetation started to change now we are seeing Gum trees along the creek. We followed the creek all the ay to the very end where we got out to have a little look around. You could hear the sounds of water falling, so we think we were close to the waterfall. We didn't walk this time. We sat in the dingy for a while had a little snack and watched the world around us. listening to the birds, and I saw the most beautiful butterfly I have ever seen. I tried to share it with the others, but no one could see it, so I just enjoyed it for as long as it was around.  Here are a few pictures, but they don't do the place justice! I feel so lucky to have experience this magical place!

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